Firm Overview

Janson Law Office is located in Waite Park, Minnesota. The firm provides a broad range of legal services to individuals and business clients throughout Minnesota. Our firm is a full service law firm, representing and advising clients in the areas of business and commercial law, business organizations, probate and estate administration, estate planning, real estate, and commercial collection. We represent clients in every level of state courts.

We possess high academic credentials, maintain strong community ties, are committed to the pursuit of excellence, communicate effectively, and demonstrate the strictest personal and professional ethics as well as the utmost concern for our clients.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and cost-effective methods to provide services in a timely, client-oriented manner and ethical, friendly, and professional environment. Our approach focuses on each client's background, needs, and goals, and we are committed to responding promptly to telephone calls, to reporting on cases regularly, and to minimizing and eliminating risk by informing clients of significant changes in the law.

Our dedication to quality, understanding of the law, trust, and respect are the foundation for our long-standing relationships with clients and the community.